Using your REVO SPS Device

I still remember a few years back, when I first upgraded to stage 1, I have zero knowledge of what goes where and how?; except for the +HP. Of course naturally, I stumbled my way through and spent some unnecessary money which is not something too bad either; after all I did learn a few things here and there i.e. what is the difference between good product vs bad marketing and vice versa.

MYF came into light very much later and now as I ponder back on a nice Sunday afternoon, I realized how important it is to know what you are doing instead of listening to people who eventually points you to a product and then tells you another thing when they lost their margin on the product.

REVO opened up a huge learning curve for me – burning midnight oils, I began to understand the co-relation between three variables for tuning which I picked up from forums here and there. Google of course was best friend then and with the access to the REVO SPS units, I was constantly messing around with the settings.

I don’t think I am that ‘Pro’ yet, but I guess everyone learn something everyday and I know some of you in Malaysia probably wonders what can you do with your SPS unit – yes, I know you can call me anytime but hey, lets put them all here so you can try to do it yourself, after that, you can share it with me too.

Note : There’s a thread on this topic in too.

To start off, these are stuff that you may want to download

The user guide –

SPS software  –

1. First you need to get an USB cable with printer port (dunno what they call it technically) and then attached it to your SPS, see pic below



2. Then using the usb cable connect to your laptop and you should have already downloaded the SPS software. Note that you should set your SPS device value to 0 for communication mode and engine on, pre-ignition

3. Click on the software and you will see the following screens (please note that I obtained these from the user guide above)


4. Select Adjust REVO software and you will see the following screen


5. At the top, you will see ECU and SPS in red – they are not function but rather section buttons i.e. pressing ACQUIRE next to the ECU section will acquire the ECU settings for BOOST, TIMING AND FUEL.

6. Once you have done that you will know what settings are currently using. You can edit the value in each box to your desired value for example; I’ve set my settings for RON 97 BOOST 6, TIMING 4, FUEL 9 (Please read the user guide page 7 for all the values).

7. Please note the implication of TIMING, if you set it too high, you will get engine knocks and I don’t recommend you to increase it unless you have data logs to support – that can be done with VAGCOM under log group 002 which shows the cylinders and its angle Delay, 004 for

8. The more angle delay you have, the higher the timing pull. The ECU however, can tolerate quite a bit of timing pull but if it is prolonged, it may go into safe/limp mode which you will not get response when you throttle in.

9. Once you have completed the value in the box, press SET and you are done! Simple right? Not so simple, for every value you have advanced, it is recommended that you do a data logging because different cars react differently but of course if you set if conservatively i.e. default boost at 6, lowest timing value of 4 for RON 97 (may different from region), afr at 9 which is recommended, else please data log after you have done it.

To set value on your SPS unit; by setting the values on the SPS unit, you don’t need to use a laptop to change the settings in future. All you need to do is turn the knob to 2 for performance A, 3 for B and 4 for C, plug into the OBD and wait for the beep, cycle to power.

I wouldn’t recommend you doing this on the ‘fly’ – means you are driving and decide to switch to aggressive mode cause some subaru next to you on the traffic lights revving way too hard to give it a pass. Always cycle to power – off and on engine.

This is how I set my SPS settings;

Performance A : Boost 6, Timing 2, Fuel 9 (Ron 95 settings)
Performance B : B7, T4, F9 (Ron 97 settings)
Performance C : B9, T6, F9 (Ron 97 and above aggressive settings)

I always put Fuel to 9 for the best AFR (lean) unless my logs show that I have knocks and reducing the timing does not help to reduce the knocks, maybe inject more Fuel into the system by setting a lower value for fuel so that you will run richer to be more safe. Setting higher boost doesn’t mean more boosts but was told that it holds the boost longer. REVO’s max boost should be around 1.5bar or 22psi.

Hope this helps….

Disclaimer : Note that you should read the user guide thoroughly and please try this at your own risk, I will not be liable if you fry your ECU for whatever reason. Again, this thread is meant to help those with REVO SPS on how to change their settings and does not serve as a performance tuning guide.

Please read through and understand the implication before you advance your settings by just reading this thread.

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